Winding Up Company

If you are planning to wind up your company in Pakistan, it’s important to understand the process and requirements involved. Our winding up company registration services can simplify the process and ensure that all legal obligations are met.

Winding Up Company

What is a Winding Up Company?

Winding up a company is the legal process of ending the company’s operations and dissolving it. The reasons for winding up a company could be many, ranging from financial difficulties to disputes among stakeholders.

Types of Winding Up Company:
There are two types of winding-up companies in Pakistan. The first is voluntary winding up, where the members or shareholders of the company decided to wind up the company voluntarily. The second is compulsory winding up, where the court orders the company to be wound up.

  • Voluntary Winding Up Company:
    The voluntary winding up of a company can be initiated by passing a special resolution in a general meeting of the members. A liquidator is then appointed to take care of the winding-up process.
  • Compulsory Winding Up Company:
    Several parties, including the company itself, creditors, or members, can initiate the winding up of a company. The court can order the winding up of the company for various reasons, such as insolvency or inability to pay debts.

Winding Up Process

The process of Public Limited Company registration in SECP Pakistan involves several steps that must be followed to ensure successful registration. These steps include name availability, submission of license application, incorporation as a company, submission of required documents, approval from the Commission, and issuance of the certificate of incorporation.



The following steps are to be taken for Member’s voluntary winding up.

  • Special Resolution on Form-26 (prescribed under the Companies (General Provisions and Forms) Rules, 1985 for voluntary winding up.

  • Declaration of Solvency on Form 107 under the Rules.

  • Affidavit by the company’s directors, including the Chief Executive, verifying the attached auditor’s report, profit, loss account, balance sheet, and statement of assets and liabilities prepared from the date of closing last versions till the latest practicable date, immediately before the making of the declaration.

  • Consent of liquidator.

  • A copy of the Notice of the resolution passed for winding up the company voluntarily and published in the Official Gazette.

  • A copy of the Notice for appointment of a liquidator and published in the Official Gazette.

  • A copy of Preliminary report prepared by the liquidator.

  • Final report and accounts of the company prepared by the liquidator presented in the General meeting of shareholders after the finalization of winding up. • Notice of final meeting.

  • Return containing the final report and accounts along with minutes of the meeting to be filed with the concerned Company Registration Office.

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