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who should File Sales returns in Pakistan?

According to the Sales Tax Act 1990 of Pakistan, the following entities are required to file a Sales Tax Return:

  • Registered Persons: Anyone who is registered under the Sales Tax Act is required to file a sales tax return. This includes individuals, partnerships, companies, societies, and trusts.
  • Importers: Any person or entity that imports goods into Pakistan, whether for their own use or for resale, is required to file a sales tax return.
  • Manufacturers and Retailers: Manufacturers and retailers who are registered under the Sales Tax Act must file a sales tax return.
  • Service Providers: Registered service providers are also required to file a sales tax return. This includes businesses providing taxable services listed in the Second Schedule of the Sales Tax Act.
  • Wholesalers, Distributors, and Dealers: These entities are required to be registered for sales tax and to file a sales tax return if they are engaged in supplying taxable goods.

It’s worth noting that the requirements can be complex, and there are penalties for non-compliance. Therefore, it’s recommended that businesses seek advice from Macrame Consultants to ensure they fulfill all their sales tax obligations accurately and on time.

Sales Tax Return Filing Dates

Expertise in Sales Tax Return Filing

A Sales Tax Return is a document that businesses must file with the relevant government agency to report the amount of sales tax they have collected from their customers over a specific period.
Our team of tax experts ensures your sales tax return filing is accurate and timely. We strive for perfection, making your tax filing experience hassle-free. Remember, accurate tax filing is vital for your business.
At Macrame Consultants, our commitment is to you. We take pride in the reliability of our services. No guesswork, just expertly managed sales tax return filing. Our tax experts are here to serve you, ensuring you meet every deadline.

Nationwide Sales Tax Return Filing Services in Pakistan

Navigating through the complexities of Sales Tax Return filing in different provinces? Look no further. Macrame Consultants is your trusted partner in every corner of Pakistan.

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR)
Operating on a national level or in Islamabad? We’ve got your Sales Tax Return filing covered with the FBR. Our tax experts are well-versed in the FBR’s procedures, ensuring your filing is accurate and timely.

Punjab Revenue Authority (PRA)
If you’re doing business in the vibrant province of Punjab, let us handle your Sales Tax Returns with the PRA. Our tailored services will meet the specific requirements of your Punjab-based business.

Sindh Revenue Board (SRB)
For businesses in the diverse province of Sindh, we offer specialized Sales Tax Return filing services in line with the SRB’s regulations. With us, your Sindh-based business is always tax-compliant.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Revenue Authority (KPRA)
Are you operating within the dynamic boundaries of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa? Let our experts manage your Sales Tax Return filing with the KPRA. We are committed to helping you meet every tax obligation seamlessly.

Balochistan Revenue Authority (BRA)
In the mineral-rich province of Balochistan, we provide expert Sales Tax Return filing services. Our team is proficient in the BRA’s rules, helping your Balochistan-based business stay on top of its tax returns.

benefits of becoming filing Sales Tax Return in Pakistan

Filing a sales tax return in Pakistan offers numerous benefits for businesses, including:

  • Legal compliance to avoid penalties or legal action.
  • Maintaining good standing with tax authorities for potential opportunities.
  • Avoiding late filing fees, penalties, and interest charges.
  • Contributing to national revenue, and fulfilling corporate responsibilities.
  • Improved financial planning and management through regular reporting.
  • Access to tax credits and refunds when applicable.

Our Workflow for Sales Tax Return Filing Services


Documents required for Sales Tax return Filing

To File a Sales Tax Return, following documents are required.

Sales Tax Return

  • Sales Invoices

  • Purchase Invoices

  • Bank Statements

  • Inventory Records

  • Import and Export Documentation

  • Record of Taxable Services Provided

  • Record of Any Tax Credits or Adjustments

Why Choose Macrame Cosultantants?

When it comes to Sales Tax Return Filing in Pakistan, Macrame Consultants stands out from the crowd. But why should you choose us? Let’s break it down.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

  • Unmatched Expertise
    At Macrame, we boast a decade of experience in Sales Tax Return filing. We understand the complexities of Pakistani tax law. So, we handle the details, leaving you free to focus on business growth.
  • Accurate and Timely Filing
    Accuracy is crucial in Sales Tax Return filing. Our team ensures every detail is correct. Moreover, we file on time, every time, helping you avoid penalties.
  • Comprehensive Services
    From data collection to filing, we handle it all. Our end-to-end service means a stress-free tax season for you.
  • Nationwide Reach
    No matter where you are in Pakistan, we’re here for you. From FBR to PRA, SRB, KPRA, and BRA, we’ve got you covered.
  • Easy Communication
    We believe in open, clear communication. You’ll always be in the loop about your Sales Tax Return status.

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