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Struggling with the complex process of Income Tax Refund and Sales Tax Refund? Macrame Consultants streamline it for you. We are specialize in managing and expediting tax refunds, both income tax and sales tax, in Pakistan.
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Understanding Tax Refund

Income Tax Refund:

This is a reimbursement from the government when a taxpayer has paid more taxes than they owe during a financial year. It happens when the actual tax liability is less than the total taxes paid by the taxpayer.

Sales Tax Refund:

This refers to the recovery of sales tax that a consumer or business has overpaid to the government. Often relevant in cases of exempted goods or services, overestimations, or export transactions where sales tax isn’t applicable.

Our Workflow for Tax Refund Services


Documents required for Tax Refund

For an income tax refund and sales tax refund in Pakistan, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) requires various documents.

Salaried individuals

  • Tax Deduction Certificate from your employer for the tax year.

  • Bank Account Statements for the tax year.

  • Any other Tax Deduction Certificates and tax challans.

  • List of Personal Assets with their Value of Purchase, purchase date, particulars and taxes paid, acquired within the tax year.

  • Any Bank loan and other liabilities from individuals within the tax year or any balance carried forward from previous tax years.

  • Utility bill under the name of the tax filer within the tax year.

  • Detail of any assets sold or disposed of during the year.

  • Foreign remittance certificate or evidence for the tax year.


  • Tax Deduction Certificate on supplies of goods from Companies/banks/third parties, in case of tax deduction for the tax year.

  • Summary of net sales invoices for the tax year.

  • Summary of expenses in business for the tax year.

  • Bank Statement for the tax year.

  • Detail of Business Assets as of the end of the previous fiscal year and list of assets/investments/vehicles purchased or sold during the tax year.

  • List of Personal Assets as of the end of the fiscal year and list of assets/investments/vehicles purchased or sold during the tax year.

  • Utility bill under the name of the business or tax filer/taxpayer.

  • Any other Advance tax paid/deducted during the year.

  • Books of accounts (if any).

  • Financial statements (if any)

Why Choose Macrame for Your Tax Refund Needs?

Macrame Consultants are renowned for their client-centric approach. We aim to minimize your financial burden and maximize your refunds.

Why settle for less when you can get more? Our key offerings include:

  • Qualified Experts: Experienced tax professionals managing your claims.
  • Transparent Processes: We keep you updated every step of the way.
  • Efficiency and Speed: Swift processing of your tax refunds.
  • Secure Service: Confidentiality and security of your information guaranteed.

Unmatched Expertise in Income Tax Refund

Optimize your income tax refund with Macrame. Our proven expertise in navigating the complex Pakistani tax system ensures you get the maximum refund possible, promptly.

Unravelling the Sales Tax Refund Mystery

Sales tax refund might seem complicated. We’re here to unravel it. Macrame’s experts simplify the process, ensuring that your hard-earned money finds its way back to you.

Make the Right Choice

Get more than just a service; get a dedicated tax refund partner. Let Macrame Consultants take the reins and steer your income and sales tax refunds efficiently. Choose us to experience seamless tax refunds in Pakistan.

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